Big Day

Big Day! I’m finally here, with you, on time. Pacific Rabbit from a Pacific Coast Los Angeles. We’re here to have fun, to drawn ourselves into illusion of reality. Get your things done and joins us! The ride begins!

We’re here, I mean you and me and everyone, to create a great illusion. We just started our first day on our ride to creating a new FEATURE FILM. By this time there is only an idea, courage and our own selves! We’ll make this way together to it’s theatrical release! Everyone here matters as much as a story itself, you are already a part of it if you here, you reading, you following, you getting passionate, you dream and create with me!

Every day from now on you’ll be able to read what’s going on with the “Pacific Rabbit” on it’s way to be seen on a big screen. So we could go together and enjoy it there, proud of being a part of it.
Every day you’ll find out more about “Pacific Rabbit”‘.
Will we make it happen, depends on you, me and the pacific rabbit!
Good luck to us!


About Filmmakerontheroad

Filmmaker on the road
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