Genius question

Recently among other statuses on facebook saw one like this XXX is “a genuis or something” by YYY stating that XXX is a genius about XXX wanted us at least to know, maybe not that he is one but at least that someone said this about him. They say about one of the famous genius poets “he was a genius but he was smart enough not to talk about that”. At the stage of talking it’s hard to distinguish the truth…or is it? Maybe truth becomes clear at the stage of talking. Who the fuck cares who you are? Who we are? Who I am? It just or you are…or you are not… anything else won’t help… Let me know if there are any here 🙂


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Filmmaker on the road
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One Response to Genius question

  1. HANNA☆ says:

    eyy,, great blog u got!, interesting writing,but no photos? 😉 …and I dont know.. it is a genius question to think bout!

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