"Who will buy my beautiful roses?” (c)

Theme of the day: continuing to work on the script, looking for a producer

Oh please, please found me! Scream I to the sky! To find a good experienced enough producer that would get interested and moreover passionate about your script is (in all cases I avoid the word “hard”) so it’s like looking for a wife…or a husband…it’s too personal, too touching… Oh my brave partner, come to me! So I keep looking…everywhere…how to know who is your fortune… Who is that second part of you that billions of years came out from the same egg…
And I need to find my partner in the nearest future, so I need to find a perfect passionate match in a super limited time! Are you here? oh…don’t keep silent…

Make your stakes ladies and gentlemen!
How long will it take me to find a producer beginning from now?
(by producer I don’t mean financier)


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Filmmaker on the road
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