Dry Wine

You’ve ever had that nasty feeling, like you’re not sure about anything that’s going on. Sometime I think that would be better for me to become a writer not a filmmaker, for writig you just need paper and a pen ( well in theory :), you don’t need to look for producer, agent, stupid and smart people that can make it happen, sponsors, money (I mean a lot of a lot of money). Otherwise it’s cool! 🙂 Also I systematically not sure about my writing. But anything else…you get used to it….

Yeah, one more thing… you have to live in Los Angeles. When you just writing…you don’t give a shit where you live. Just saying. Love LA’s sun and New Beverly Cinema.

Btw found an awesome song for my last thesis short movie. Actually it’s Massive Attack “Teardrop”. Would be freaking cool to use it but who the fuck would let me. The right even for one festival use I bet will cost more the whole movie budget. But I will use on my screening for sure! It’s for the last scene and credits, I needed something inspiring.

Though for my optimistic side I had an idea to find some good guy from Massive Attack and just ask him or her to let me use this song at least at some festival POR FAVOR! That would be awesome, I mean at least to ask. I really will try to do it, then will tell you what happened. I mean people from art should help people from art to help each make this world even more beautiful. (I mean not this world of course. Cause some asshole told me several weeks ago that  all other artist are against me, or artist in general are againts each other, or he meant people… I mean can you imagine I still remember!) Can you imagine how sucks it is if he was right?! Anyway good for him he is an asshole…

So I will try to find someone from Massive Attack and will write the letter or something. I mean I were the artist I would help. I mean when I will be let me know if you need that kind of thing, for sure.  Just so such assholes that say we’re competitors would suck our dicks!

Btw ones I’ve already wrote that kind of letter to Peter Doherty. Not about the song, but I wrote him I had written a screenplay inspired by him. I really wrote it. The main guy is a gravedigger. We’ll see what happen with that one. But Peter didn’t answer. I just say btw. I love the guy, he’s awesome, would love to have some cool talk with him with the bottle of beer.


P.S. The bought wine was shit!


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