across the ocean

So haven’t been writing anything for a while. Was busy flying across the ocean from one continent to another, editing my short movie and recovering from cold that I caught (where would you think) in LA, airconditioning. Anyways I’m back to LA, feels good by the way, sort of back to action. The weather Los Angeles happened to be much cooooooler than in Russia. Also feels good.

At the moment thinking how many cool thought I’ve missed not writing it down here right away. I mean I liked my trip back home, it always sort of shows you to yourself from the side, so you could distinguish your place in the world once again and don’t have any fucking doubts about it 🙂 Gotta remember some “watching” stuff, coming soon

P.S. LA though is a little frightening in terms how much you can get here and how much you have to do to get it 🙂


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Filmmaker on the road
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