Things liked by people you don’t like

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things that are liked by people you can’t really stand by various reasons begin to be despised by you? I mean those things can absolutely genius and the only reason you can be missing them in your life and not letting them in is that some asshole with the height of its opinion tried to push it into you or maybe just offered to pay attention to it.

For example a while ago I had a friend and at that time she was reading Kerouac and kind of digging deeper into philosophy of existence. And we had that kind of existential discussion. Other thing that happens from time to time with different personalities of our society is lack of personal opinion so they decide to take someone’s opinion for the “only truth” and stand for it, not fully understanding on not even trying to understand what that “only truth” actually is. Well most of them can’t be blamed though, you know why….

(There is a quote from the Great Gatsby, “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” Not a huge fan of the Great Gatsby but the quote kinda works. )

So anyways after that kind of discussion and permanent references to Kerouac when nothing was left to say, I guess she just got pissed off (as if I dared to oppose the genius of Kerouac not genius of hers, or maybe by that point it became the same thing) and throw a fatal phrase “well, read Kerouac then!” that turned me away from Kerouac against my will, giving me despiseful association with her for the years ahead.

Other example, I have a good friend, she a filmmaker, she saw a thousands of movies but never never never have seen anything of French new wave. And it’s got nothing to do with her movie preferences, as filmmakers can watch it all! Naaaaaaaaaaaaah…. Just some another representative of society that she probably not fully appreciated was a HUGE fan of French new wave which caused her to puke even from a single mentioning of Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, though with a respect to them as a filmmaker.

Be careful that works with nations too… Loooooved Italians, I like them now too… but used to have an Italian annoying classmate… I think her being Italian is a shame for all Italians (I’m sorry, love ITALY))))

I would say that the good thing is that this work the opposite way too and your good attitude and desire for the abandoned things can be brought back by the people you like, adore and respect. As for Kerouac…. from the latest I would say Russell Brand (hilarious neurotic intellectual) brought me him back by mentioning him several times)) Well that’s a good part of being celebrity, sometimes you can influence small thing of a great importance like that one!

I guess it’s worth it all!


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