Third eye when we’re drunk

You know when people get drunk and achieve a certain condition they all have a certain themes (1 or 2) they always are talking about. They just come up to people standing around and talking about the same thing. So for me it’s zodiac signs. So what I do if there any new personalities around I begin to ask about their zodiac signs and make my guesses on what it could mean, of course when they’re drunk the very thing that interests them is love, sex and partners. That way very soon I become an astrological guru, till the next party. Have you ever noticed how that kind of knowledge disappears with morning and lack of alcohol? hmmm…. as well as the third eye

I know  a friend that constantly talks about masturbation in that kind of condition. Not in a dirty sexy way though but from a research and teaching point. It almost becomes a lecture on masturbation.

There was another one that had a sudden third eye opening. Well she also has a certain lecture talking point on dicks and vaginas. That one I’ve even remembered. The thing was that as vaginas it is muscles when a woman has a permanent partner and they constantly are having sex, woman’s vagina takes form of a dick of that particular man. So if the woman cheat her man will be able to find it out next time when they will have sex, because her vagina won’t be of the same form, and simply speaking it won’t be getting into that comfortably that time.


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