And the nominees are!

The whole night and the whole day spent drawing my own storyboards for my movie, but the candy still waits to the end of the day, the movie night!
So what do we have here before it’s too late 🙂 I still have a couple of hours to say something on the matter.
THE ARTIST – I’d call it tralala tralala instead of uh lalacute, silent, black and white, don’t know if original, facial mimics of the main character is cool, the dog is cool, the girl is alright, liked it in the beginning, then not so much, was yaning a couple of times, looked at my watch twice, simple, nice, very typical Oscar candidate, maybe too typical, I wouldn’t even call it a movie at a full sence, at least not at the century, story wasn’t too engaging, it was alright, it was a story, it will probably get it but I won’t be fascinated, it’ll fade which is unfortunate to say for every film. (Btw wouldn’t call it work of art, I think I’m supposed to and it’s supposed to be, but I can’t)
THE DESCENDANTS – I heard the director said best Clooney film, HA! The idea was their, but too much frames (even frames) with ill mother and I don’t know, didn’t feel connected to anyoone, just like the older daughter, she was cool, acting good, to me the whole thing looked unfinished, not done enough, aimed for a good family drama but didn’t get there, Clooney didn’t save them ’cause Clooney is still James Bond in a drama, he stands of, maybe when he’ll get less sexier if ever 🙂 To my shame watched on my computer and played forward some scenes…sorry guys
EXTREMELY CLOSE & INCREDIBILY CLOSE – haven’t seen it yet, but the poster was touching.
THE HELP – cool! cool! cool! The coolest! Loved it from head to toe, actors, characters, humor, story, felt connected to everyone, that’s a great piece of art! bravo!
HUGO – great great great Martin Scorsese, great beautiful movie, fairytale, ode to filmmaking, I couldn’t handle my tears through the second part of the movie, great characters, atmosphere, my favorite Chloe Moretz, I would watch this movie again just to feel myself inside the movie. And I don’t say it about everything. work of art!
MIDNIGHT IN PARIS – I think the best original screenplay, guess why? ‘Cause it is original! I like creativity and Woody Allen is the only one who in these nominations gives us not only a character and a story but also a real creativity, and what is a story without a creativity it’s just a story.
MONEYBALL – haven’t seen it, it’s not out yet here, but will see for sure, I think it’ll be good.
THE TREE OF LIFE – to my shame haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve got a feeling that’s too philosophical of a film and by the way I like philosophical.
WAR HORSE – oh great always emotional Steven Spielberg, great horse as a main character, beautiful sunsets and dawns, I could breathe the cinematography, I was ready to burst in tears from all the astinoshing British sights they were showing us, touching story, could hardly hold my tears throughout the whole film, again one of those movies I would watch again in the cinema to feel myself inside the film, THE MOST MOVING out of all of those, loved it, work of art again!

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