The Oscar night watching story

So Oscar night – morning (for me, as I’m on the other side of the world right now) is coming. Looks like the right time to remember about my previous Oscar day-night which happenned in Los Angeles last year. Of course I mean the watching thing. So first of all I didn’t have a TV in my apartment, I don’t watch it plus it takes time from writing if you have it. To watch Oscar with friends is not my thing, I don’t like to discuss stuff, I don’t like to bet on a winner, I don’t like to discuss who screwed up more and where. It was already enough for me when one of my friends, who I was watching The Golden Globe with, said that Tarantino is full of himself cause he watched at himself once when they showed him at the big screen that they show them when the cameras there are on them, Jesus! Let me just watch my little tiny thing 🙂 For me it’s more like the church thing for those who believe, well, maybe a little chapel, but I like to be there alone or at least surrounded with those who would like to share the sacred moment and the deepness of it. Maybe too loud for the ceremony but not to loud for a personal thing that helps you pull through with life. In other words I feel like I breath, feel, eat and fuck the filmmaking at the same time, I’m getting inspired and almost getting my forgiveness.

So for those who skipped right to the story, I couldn’t figure out where I would watch it, my wifi was too slow and the video quality of the stream was sucks, I went around a bunch of cafes and it was all no good besides loud and they were sharing my sacred experience. So I’m coming back to my apartment complex kinda pretty sad, my heart is creaking already as I know the red carpet is already on and I’m still nowhere, even though being 10 min drive from the actual Oscar red carpet. So I’m going through the lobby of my apartment complex and suddenly hear the sounds of the red carpet, interviews and stuff, and there is some magic door that is opened. I head myself there and what would you think in a dark room the Oscars are project in a small cinema room, and there is no one in there! Oh God! I grabbed some coffee and took a sit in the middle, that was a truly happy moment, followed by 2 happy hours and thank you Los Angeles for staying always Los Angeles. I shared the moment with a couple of others unknown but inspired who also didn’t have a TV. Have good night everybody!

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