Shame and Michael’s dick

Just saw “Shame” in the theatre, I think here (and I’m in Russia, St. Pete) it just got released. Well, you remember with Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender. Liked Carey’s singing New York New York there, just the whole atmosphere of that was really nice, forgot that I was watching a movie. And Michael’s dick is really really nice, and I really mean it, maybe medium to big, I mean what else they’re going to watch this movie for 🙂 All in all I enjoyed and liked the movie, walked out in a nice mood and satisfied, after all, all that characters unsatifaction made my satisfaction 🙂
My mom though didn’t like it (I think), she saw it several days before me: “His problems are not my problems.” That’s what she said 🙂 But that didn’t stop me, I think somehow I felt I’ll enjoy it… Carey’s singing New York New York:

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