About what I am and what I’m doing here!

English version, how I promissed 🙂

So I making the movies in all senses, mostly as writer/director, but movies are such a thing, that if it’s needed you gonna become and carpenter as well just only don’t let the set decoration to fall apart. I’m right in the process of making my first feature, and everything must feel cool warm and great inside my soul. But process is process and one is different from another. So it looks like I’ll try to let you know me and my movie better, and basically with everything that will come to my head or get shot on my camera. Say some storyboards of the future film can be seen sometimes here, pieces of the script, photos from possible locations, actors that I dream to get for the movie and all that how I dream and whish that movie to be and what the reality will lead us to. Also as we go we tell you about myself, how I got here and what got me here, what influenced me and the whole thing and of course what assholes were standing on the way. From time to time I like to comment on some movie or to advice to watch something, something that just gets you there. By the way my movie will be in English, just in case 🙂 There is a lot of stupid crap that is happening to me all the time, so all of it gets here as well. So follow me and you’ll see!


About Filmmakerontheroad

Filmmaker on the road
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