The Iron Lady

So just saw that “The Iron Lady” movie, well, Meryl Streep was surely stunning, trying as hard or as light as she can to get this film out of a swamp which it put itself into by going with old weakening Thatcher. I mean it wasn’t bad, and for the first time I sort of agree with it’s rating, I don’t know but that wasn’t a biopic, I had even more of a documentary feeling from it. But the main this is you’re shooting biopic about a racing car (and Thatcher surely is a racing car), doesn’t matter if it’s politics or watever, and you make a movie from a point of you of a grandma sitting at the bench and remembering or not remembering the old days confusing herself with dates and people. It’s just WTF??? If I’m going to see a Margaret Thatcher movie knowing who she was and how she was, I wanna see a fucking racing movie! Days of Thunder in politics! Margaret Thatcher versus Tom Cruise. I woman racer that does everyone that even cooler than Tom Cruise! That could be a fucking hit! I’m sure there was everything for that kind of story and for me that movie, wel, not lost, but didn’t win, didn’t come first and not even in the fisrt 20, it’s like too lose with all aces in the pocket, meh… I’m sad it came out like that.

At least they could just narrate it properly, no flashbacks, just typical narration, Margaret would do everything for them – a little girl would race through a movie, nothing else is needed. I guess it should be simplier, Margaret is already complicated enough. And this all time filmmakers thing, trying to interest us with ill, sick, weak people….really? Is that what a person wants to see going to movies? Sick people? Instead of racing car politician? And walk around that illness again and again, again and again. Ok, if they wanted to show her soft or softening side, take a look at another Thatcher, but she should be shown Iron first then, only after that we would be wondering if that machine has a softer side. And ok, there are movies about sick people like “Philadelphia” but what he does through the whole movie, oh no, he’snot even racing he’s fighting at the arena like “Gladiator”.

I liked the chnaging of the color of her costumes, gradually from blue to red and them blue robe when she’s and old lady, and her tender relationship with her humorous husband were nice.

But in general poor “The Iron Lady” and great Margaret Thatcher and Meryl Streep.

P.S. sorry for typos and mistakes, will check later…


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