Life’s good and sex

Had a refreshing sleep of couple of hours and now feel the world is beautiful. LIfe’s good, it feel’s I’m gonna fall in love with someone pretty soon. Did I say I’m one of those people who decides to fall in love and then falls in love…hmmm we’re all like that haha So I wonder who’s that victim, that I’m gonna fall in love with, rape crazily and then throw out like a butt of cigarette…and he’ll be watching my movies in the cinema and telling everybody what a bitch I am, haha Those fantasies! Nah, we probably would stay good friends after all the sex was good and it’s hollywood! Have a good day/night whenever you are!


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Filmmaker on the road
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One Response to Life’s good and sex

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Well, I’m in Melbourne Australia and I CAN’T SLEEP!! It’s 1.14 am. Ugh. Work tomorrow.

    Re your potential love mate – yeah, being friends after it all is pretty good 😉

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