See, that was one of the movies I couldn’t say much about on that Oscar post, since I hadn’t seen it then. And I just said I think it’s a good movie with a good cast, but NOW… I say it’s a good movie with a good cast, and Brad Pitt is good a little doesn’t fit in this role with his looks, just typically, I’d better believe the guy if he looked more like Russel Crowe, but Brad is good. But the thing was… I watched it and felt almost to nothing…hmmm The thing that I knew I watched a good stuff,but that’s it, too little of a feeling for a movie like that. And everything is right there, everything in its places, everything happens in the right time, it must have worked…but I sort of kind of feel something… besides about each sort of relationship that happens in that movie. So what’s wrong? I was thinking about that in the back of my consciousness as it comes out for several days 🙂 And maybe wrong is that everything is right. To my understanding that was supposed to be an inspiring story about that Brad Pitt guy and how he changed baseball, but as I got it nothing much happened to that real guy after he changed baseball, so eventually nothing really happens to his Brad Pitt alter ego either, but that’s can’t happen! You know why? Because that’s a movie! Brad didn’t suffer much, besides he very convincingly holds his head when solving problems, well that’s not Brad…as I said Brad was there almost to great, it just THEM didn’t give him and didn’t write for him. It happens to be a movie about baseball when it should be about the guy who changed it and didn’t sell himself. By the way I don’t know shit about baseball and there isn’t much baseball in Russia.

And I don’t know where you are but it’s fucking snowing outside where I am now and it’s incredibly beautiful.


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