Ladies and Gents! Let me introduce you my future movie!

The picture doesn’t belong to me or to the movie but certanly is a hint.
So I guess it’s the time to talk about what we all gathered here… Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce my future movie! Not all together, one step at a time, let’s prolong the joy. First of all it’s all called…well, who cares how the movie is called, they always give the wrong impression to the future audiences as well as trailers, you know how they gather all funny moments in one trailer and then you watch a movie and like those trailer moment are all that they have. So let me introduce it to you first, they way you get to know a person and then you find out his/her name. I’ll give it’s initials though – S.N. maybe Mr. S.N. Let’s pretend you saw it on a handkerchief or a suit case, as it just arrived. We can also call it Berdseyeview’s film.

So first of all the genre, you know how they always want the genre in hollywood ’cause it sells easier, people know what they’re getting with genre and whatever else they have there on that matter. So I thought about a movie that fits any genre, no one likes that there, but if it does fit and works, what can you do and why not? 🙂 Well, I would call it a fantasy thriller, a fantasy because the action happens in the alternative world though that looks more or less like ours (we’ll talk about that later), and thriller, well, ’cause that’s a thriller I guess and there is some tension and killing going on, or tension with killing.

From time to time people add with elements of crime, because I think I am a sort fan of different kind of crime movies, and I think my subconscious couldn’t pass it by and not include it there. In fact there is a whole powerful mob group there ,but in every good movie there should be a powerful mob group, ’cause that’s what’s exciting! The underground world! Otherwise why would we watch them 🙂

What I also heard was neo-noir, which is not my favorite genre, but if the investigation is exciting and if they mean Se7en, they why not, right?

See you later! We’ll tell you a bit about the plot! Have a good day/night Ladies and Gentlemen!


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3 Responses to Ladies and Gents! Let me introduce you my future movie!

  1. This sounds really interesting, how’s it going? Fantasy thriller sounds like an interesting genre to pursue.

  2. Berdseyeview says:

    Through blood, sweat and tears as usual, but it’s going, thanks for liking the post )) I love creating movies, so no other way to go )) How about you?

    • Ah well that’s good 🙂 So do I, I’ve recently just made a short film that I entered into a competition and already coming up with ideas for the next one! Have you got anything else you’ve done up online? Would love to take a look, I find watching other people’s work always helps in furthering your own films! 🙂

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