What my movie began from or “Each man kills the things he loves…”

My movie post: inspiration

So I’m watching that Peter Doherty interview, they ask him questions, and there it goes the one about a self-destruction and he says “oh, yeah…yeah…always…always…” and then he says something else… and it struck me, it hits me like a thunder or a spade or whatever you call it in English when it goes like BANG! I couldn’t move, I stopped the video and looked to the left for several seconds trying to catch something that suddenly flew into the air or was there all the time but suddenly became noticable. I knew apple just hit my head, I felt like I’m standing at the edge of some kind of revelation. I was like what is it, what is it, he just said something, it wasn’t what he said but something that made that chain reaction in my brain that went to something else… so what is it… I thought several seconds more, I don’t remember myself being afraid like that to lose something, I felt how fragile it was, and then I GOT IT! I wrote it down, I knew someone just handed me something extraordinary and I’ve got no right to let it down. I had the concept of my future screenplay right there. I know, but I can’t tell you the concept yet, not that I don’t want to. The phrase he said in that interview that lead to that chain reaction in my brain was “Each person kills the things he loves…” At that moment something else got borned out of it. Zero gravity moment, your feet actually take off from the ground, you’re nothing, you mean nothing, ’cause something bigger than anything else just absorbed the whole of your being.

I think that’s interesting I got it from his interview, from someone spiritual and deep and the artist. I had a thought that probably all artist are connected by that invisible string and send messages to each other that only them can understand and to catch one to create something new out of it.

Here is the piece from that interview, he says it right in the beginning, then he sings a beautiful song “Music when the lights go out”, for those who wish to listen.


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