Drunk John Carter review

So you remember what Vincent tells Julls about Europe at the beginning of Pulp Fiction, that you can actually buy a beer in McDonald’s, the same thing with cinema. You can go to the theater, buy a glass of beer and enjoy the show sipping some cold beer along the way with some salty popcorn. That’s what I did with John Carter, by the way I went there with my mom.

The first part of the movie was pretty interesting, I actually liked the real world part better than the alternative world part. Wasn’t really excited by John Carter’s personality, the woman also, well she was beautiful, more like Xena but not like a princess which she was. I think author wanted to make the woman of some other kind but got stuck with something else. At that point my beer ran out and I went out for another one. By the way I wouldn’t miss a thing in a theatre so me walking out for another beer is a big deal for the movie. I knew what was happening already. Monsters and blah blah. But I didn’t say I didn’t like it, wait till I come back with another beer.

So here I am with another beer, the movie get more exciting, more interesting and everything, in fact all those crazy loads of things that were happening, story line that you forget by the middle of the film or that seems missing, that all doesn’t matter. I was just hanging out with different dudes, monsters, magicians, the princess and John Carter himself on the screen with my glass of beer. And you know what, I liked it, beer helped it a bit, but still when I went out I thought it was fun, but for someone it maybe too much of everything maybe.

Rottentomatoes 50 from critics 73 from the audience, again both right I think. But check it out, though maybe a bit hard to sit to the very end of it without a beer 🙂

My mom said “It’s like the guy watched Avatar and thought that something was missing” I think my mom gives the most impeccable reviews, you just now what she means, ’cause she isn’t a filmmaker (I think after my reviews it may seem that I’m not :)), but she just goes by intuition that tells us what’s wrong and what’s right, and intuition is everything, it’s always right, if you know how to listen to it.

Have a good day/night whenever you are!


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