One ring to rule them all, see how it works! …or the very inspiring Mr.Frodo Baggins

That very poster was set on the wall of one of those classrooms I used to sit through my classes and lectures. Sometimes when someone was speaking I was just concentrating my eye on that poster as if the ring there was tempting me as well. It seems some unknown powers were kept in that poster too, that ring “the power held in the smallest of the things”. It was hypnotizing me again and again, I thought about myself, about the Universe and how small I am… And that in fact I am the smallest thing, or not big Mr. Frodo the only who could control the temptation of the biggest power. It hung there for so long that in my consciousness it started to associate itself with my own movie as well, those power and the small thing and lots of others thing, that I think my brain began to grow into my own stuff.  So I think it was one more thing that inspired me for my thing. To be honest I haven’t seen more inspiring and more hypnotizing poster in my life. Be inspired I guess and thank you Mr. Frodo or the poster, or maybe the ring…

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