How I watched a movie with Quentin Tarantino, for short

P.S.  I highly recommend you to read it till the end no matter what 🙂 it happened to be a huge post, but what can you do about the story 🙂

That was almost at the very beginning as I came to LA. I was searching the internet looking for some cool old movies to see. ‘Cause in LA there are some  really cool places where you can watch those rare movies including exploitation which close to impossible to find even on DVD not that any of them will ever be playing in a theater. And I found a theater that was showing double feature that night – two Spaghetti Westerns at a time, so first was Sabata with Lee Van Kleef and I surely don’t remember the name of the other one ’cause something happened in that theater between these two.

So I call a friend and invite her to see those two Spaghetti Westerns for the price of one ticket. The tickets there are about $6 for a double feature, which I’d say normal for that kind of theater. From the outside that’s a typical theater say of 50’s-60’s very simple and looks a bit like a piece of vintage clothes. There was a long line, which surprised me, but shouldn’t ’cause that’s LA and a place for such place to be.

As we enter from the first of glimpse of an eye it could seems nothing special, but as in whole LA in general you gotta look around to notice a bunch of cool things. First of all their menu, they sell frozen sneakers! Which is my favorite and I’ve never seen that anyone would sell them, not only in a theater, there is also popcorn with a “real butter” as it said and some old style syrup or pop, also kinda 50’s, but I’m not American can’t tell how it called exactly. There was also sort of notebook, where everyone could right down what movie they wish to see or write something nice. And of course a nice collection of old style posters.

But the main thing is that the place got a REAL atmosphere! You’re like in a movie in a 50’s theater movie, you know. My friend complains that the screen is not big enough, but who the hell cares, when you’re just step into back into time journey. But I certainly didn’t expect what that journey will present personally to me.

So we’re taking our sits and the movie begins. Who saw Sabata may know that that’s not really a comedy, it’s a violent pretty dark flick, with a very severe lead character as Lee Van Kleef and a lot of nasty things and nasty people in a town drown in sin. Not very funny. But 10 minutes into the movie right at the first violent scene someone in first rows begins to laugh like crazy, and I mean it, like crazy, like he just saw the funniest thing in the world. I’m sitting more in the back, so I can’t really see the guy. Then another scene – someone hides in a tun and Sabata breaks the tun and gets the guy. Again the guy in the front is just killing it. I agree kind funny, but I think he’s just almost breaking his sit there. We’re about 40 minutes through the movie and the guy didn’t stop not even for a second. I began to wonder why someone won’t tell him to enjoy himself a little bit quieter how it would normally be, so others would enjoy the movie more that his laugh, though it was really funny and hilarious and honestly you would want to laugh with him even though the movie was more like violent as hell than funny as hell. But the guy continues his thing.

Listening that hilarious laugh for sometime already, I suddenly begin to recognize it and realize that probably already heard it somewhere, and then I’m almost getting where, but when I realize that I really know the laugh I can’t believe it or I’m afraid to believe or I’m too excited to believe it is THAT laugh. So now I’m more like trying to guess the owner of the laugh than to watch the movie.

Now, the sits in the theater divided by the hallway right in the middle and my sit is right in the middle of the room and the first to the side of the hallway, so people pass by my sit if they’re walking in or out. So 40 minutes into the movie someone walks along the hallway from the first rows, a big tall shady figure and I can’t believe my eyes, my guess was right, it’s Mr. Quentin the one that’s Tarantino. If that was someone else I’d probably be less excited but that guy always had a special meaning to me. So he moves through the hallway and I don’t breathe of course, I believe and don’t believe at the same time. Not only he was special to me, as every filmmaker has some special filmmaker, but also to watch a movie with Quentin Tarantino is much cooler that just to see him in a grocery store. And the reason I recognized his laugh was ’cause I watched a lot of his interviews and surely he always laughs like that with that enthusiastic thing in there.

And I’m secretly waiting when he walks back along that hallway and he does with his hands full of popcorn and pop, and sits next to some lady who we also recognize later when she’ll be standing in the line to buy something with her long legs and huge platform boots and leather short mini skirt during the intermission. It was Rie Rasmussen director of “Human Zoo” and former Victoria Secret model in the past, very tall lady, I think I would like hardly reach her waist.

So the rest of the movie I was so excited that I was almost jumping out of my sit. Remember I basically just came to LA so that was almost too exciting for me. But there was also much deeper reason. I’m not into all that celebrity thing, I don’t care about celebrities, authorities or whoever. For me that was something else in that matter. There is something about Quentin, his personality and the philosophy of his movies that I take as a personal thing. For me he is more than just a filmmaker, he’s more like master, something inspiring and spiritual in fact.

So seeing him that day, in the theater that I accidentally chose that day, at the movie that I accidentally chose that day, and him showing up on that very day in that very theater, it definitely was meaningful for me in many ways. But first of all I felt like a person that set himself on a serious and hard journey and asked God, Universe or whoever he believes in, to give him a sign that he walks the right way, that the journey is his, I knew the journey is mine, but everyone needs assurance, and that was that kind of sign for me. As if someone said “go on, you’ll be alright, I’m with you”.

My friend left during the intermission, and I stayed to watch the second feature, that I don’t quite remember ’cause I was just sitting there absorbing the presence of something important that just absorbed me. That was the true moment of pure happiness. Taking about defining moments, that was one of those for me, I just felt something knows that I exist and that I’m here and it’s not just a little trip.

P.S. Of course it happened to be Quentin Tarantino’s own cinema, but how would a person who just came to LA knew and after all don’t think he’s that often guest there anyway.

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