Two filmmakers on a quest in the desert

Two filmmakers on a desert quest for inspiration to be presice. So we took a ride around 4 hours from Los Angeles to Imperials Dunes, where actually the forth Star Wars desert scenes were shot at the times when they couldn’t yet draw everything they want there. No graphic redactors were used for these shots, not a fan of those, camera pics are mixed with iPhone ones.

That was me and a great filmmaker Ana Dominick, whose inspiration methods are as great as the films she does. Love her from a bottom of my heart. Will give more of a premise when I’m not so tired.

Have a good time whenever you are! And don’t forget to check “MY MOVIE” in the menu 🙂

Yours Berdseyeview!


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Filmmaker on the road
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3 Responses to Two filmmakers on a quest in the desert

  1. Chris says:

    Stunning collection of Photographs! Congrats, the sand dunes I visited although stunning they were not as large as the ones in the pictures

  2. Berdeyeview says:

    Thank you, Chris! I’m glad you liked it, desert is always good and energetic 🙂

  3. I love the shadow and texture shots!

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