Chasing the muse across the ocean

The story of my film especially the beginning of it was born under the influence of Peter Doherty’s music, especially by “New Love Grows on Trees”, I was listening to it again and again, creating images in my head and putting them on page. Some of the mornings I would wake up and take jog right along the Warner Brothers Studio stages, I used to live up the hill right next to them, and his songs would play in my iPod. And I would jog, look at WB lots with those songs  in and images in my head and guess what I was asking the Universe, help to put the damn thing together!

I was getting lots of inspiration from his songs and his lyrics, you know, they had that burning side and living to the edge and loving to the edge, all that had that thing that could help me to put together my script, the feeling and emotions in it to the highest level. I knew he felt what I feel while writing or creating, going through pain and the greatest beauty and piece at the same time.

I was on my last year at a film school and during summer break I found out that he comes with only concert to Russia, and it’ll be in Moscow, I’m from St.Petersburg, so I bought the flight tickets just couple of days before the concert from Los Angeles to St.Petersburg, flew to St.Pete, met my mom and basically the next day went by train to Moscow (not that far but still 800km/ml) for a day to listen to him, to get the inspiration, so he would take me to the edge. Sounds like shamanism a bit, and maybe it is a bit. I knew I needed, I knew I’ll get it, I knew the wave will give me the energy and power to write what I felt I should write, something that feels as strong as if it breaks you into pieces, something different, something talented, something that matters.

I don’t wanna talk about the concert, how can you explain the feeling in fact, let’s just say it happened 🙂 Maybe for others that would feel terrible you know. Of course he got drunk on stage, drinking a shot of vodka after every song, hardly standing towards the end but still singing his great stuff. And throw the guitar into the audience and his people were catching it around after and asking to bring it back. Just a usual rock concert you know, for most of the people.

I came back home the same night by train after the concert, absolutely happy and ready to continue my story. Beauty grows from beauty, inspiration from inspiration, it’s all connected and we’re nothing without each other, we’re all a piece of it, that’s why it all feels right when it’s right there.

I guess when you suddenly become in need of someone’s energy, that someone begins to be called a muse. So I guess Peter was my muse for the time period, though after some time that goes away and everything becomes normal or just scripts get written.

P.S. Don’t forget to check posts about my movie in the menu “MY MOVIE”, cheers! Don’t worry, be happy!


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