Why I hate timezones!

So say I write my super cool post in Russia in the morning or even in the afternoon, ok Europe more or less, United Kingdom wooohooo, probably those guys are the only ones who get to read my post as the only 100% English speaking and English understanding countries in the timezone that is more or less close to the timezone I just wrote my post in. Still say with London 4 hour difference.

But by the time it reaches Unites States my post is already bloody fucking archives! No one fucking need it! And all English speakers just fly over my head and my super cool post is already not super cool but a bloody fucking loser! Again system on the way of art, and storytelling as a part of it. Oh, I’m sad, I’m sad. Somebody do something! Unite the world together, so we all would get to see posts at the same time or something. I’m sure I’m not the only one facing that unfair sort of inconvenience, to say the least.

So if you’re that lovely person over the seas that happened to stumble over that post, please, be even more lovely and check the one I posted while you were sleeping 🙂

And if you’re even nicer than that then the whole button menu “MY MOVIE”. Thanks!

Have a great sex everyone whatever time there is!


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