The movie I don’t want to write about but why I still do

I don’t even want to write a review about this movie/cartoon, even if my reviews were reviews, let’s say just my subjective thoughts on a matter of a movie I saw in the theater. So on this one I’m even don’t wanna write those subjective thoughts, as enough of review by itself. Not that it’s that bad, I just don’t care, I’m lazy, I felt nothing.

I saw it yesterday and there were too many issues to discuss. Now, why I still writing it. ‘Cause I know what blood, sweat and tears any movie is, even the very bad one. That’s why I’d thought no one would want their hard work to be wasted and they’ll try to make the movie as good as they can. But something still goes wrong… Especially when they’re making a movie based on a book, I guess ’cause those two are absolutely different mediums and you gotta really sweat to put them together and in the end a good movie based on a book most of the time will upset the fans of the book but it will be a good movie. But that’s a talk for another post.

And LORAX! So first of all great Danny DeVito did a great job on dubbing Lorax. And in Russia (all movies are dubbed in Russia) he also dubs him! And he’s great and his Russian is great and even adds to the character. The cartoon characters are cool, new, simple and a little different. But the story…omg…the story… huge pieces of montage and everything else, as I said too many issues that actually could be improved or thrown out. Though my main question is how they even let to shoot that movie that  I’d say not just tickles the controversial issue but is even too full of it for a movie, I don’t say about cartoon, it’s so full of it to the point of preaching. Probably the reason was that the book was so good and a bestseller. I mean it’s great they manage to pull through the studio system with a movie with a controversial theme in it, but they failed that theme in a movie. I personally felt like they tried to stuff that preaching thing about the threes down my throat, and I kinda like preaching movies, so that was too much even for me.


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2 Responses to The movie I don’t want to write about but why I still do

  1. Matt says:

    “I am the Lorax,” he coughed and he whiffed.
    He sneezed and he snuffled. He snarggled. He sniffed!

  2. Berdseyeview says:

    Can you like comments? 🙂 Like*

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