Hilarious shit from Kevin Smith ( Jay and Silent Bob director)

Was dying to share those videos. So this is a great mood booster and is really hilarious as shit! Little pre-story: so the whole thing began rather innocent, Kevin Smith decided to show his wife the actor that he was gonna use as an obsessed priest in his next movie Red State, Michael Parks, as an example of his work he decided to use the opening scene from Dusk till Dawn, where Michael Parks plays a sheriff, and show it to her on a big TV in his bedroom. Other thing you need to know if you accidentally don’t know it or you’re not that much of a movie fan is that Gecko brothers are the two main characters from Dusk till Dawn written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez. The initial story begins on the first video minute 3 I think and a little bit of a second video, but all the stuff his says is hilarious! If you’re lazy to watch I tell the core of the story in a few words below the videos, so scroll down, but you’ll be hugely missing out!

So in a few words: Kevin Smith shows his wife that opening scene from Dusk till Dawn which is a hostage situation and that TV goes so loud that some of the neighbours calls the cops thinking there is a hostage situation. The cops come over thinking there is a real hostage situation looking fot Gecko Brothers.


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