Writing in English like being someone else

Of course, I mean if English is your second language. I think I just feel freer writing in English, it’s like getting another personality, you can tell more as if it’s not exactly you, like an actor adding a foreign accent to his role. You’re playing something. But that’s not true, you’re just fooling yourself, you’re fooling you fear of judgement, not understanding, being stupid, being wrong, being unliked. But that works. But you know what – whatever works! If there is no fear, if you’re free, if you’re happy, if you can tell the very core of your pain or shame, whatever works, what does language matter? Your lovely physchological mask, mine is yellow by the way.


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Filmmaker on the road
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One Response to Writing in English like being someone else

  1. Sajib says:

    I find writing English fascinating because it lets me reach wider audience than in my mother tongue. I wish it was my first language, though. I’d be writing creative fiction already.

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