The first film I saw ever or “the greatest rock-n-roll adventure”

I think I also mean the first movie I had a crash on because why would I even remember my first movie then, and why would it find it’s why through the mind of a child to my grown up future. I think the interesting part of it is that the period of me grown up enough to at least be able to realize myself and even remember my first movie comes to the period of the USSR falling apart, the very year I think. So if that was any other period who knows if the first movie that made my heart beat would even reach me through the political barriers but I guess everything has its reason, so it did. Anyway the first cool stuff began to flow into the country that was closed from the world before. I don’t remember USSR period at all, even though I was sort of already physically existent in its last years.

Anyway the first cool stuff came to town, including films, cassettes and video players. My dad, I guess in a certain way a movie fan, though I think many men are, managed to get a video player. My movie didn’t belong to us, I think my dad took it from his friend, a Beatles fan, but everyone of my dad’s age were Beatles fans, or fans of rock-n-roll. I remember people saying that actually rock-n-roll was the one that made the USSR to fall apart.

And as people may guess the movie he took from his friend was “A hard days night”, The Beatles film. Let me tell you it made a revolution inside a 3 year old rock-n-roll child. Maybe on a scale of filmmaking masterpieces “A hard days night” can’t even be named a film in full sense of the word, the hang-out-with-Beatles story. But that was a huge crash between me and the movie. Sure, The Beatles music did a huge thing there, a 3 year old rock-n-roll child was jumping around the room under “Can’t buy me love”, that became my favorite childhood song. The image of sad and tired Ringo Starr walking alone with the camera dressed in a long cloak set tightly deep in my consciousness and I even didn’t realize how tight. When I took a look at all the main male characters that I ever wrote, I was astonished to notice that all of them had some of the features and that Ringo Starr feeling to them. “A hard days night” character of Ringo Starr I mean. Interesting fact I think is that my dad played in a rock band when he was young, he played the drums and his nickname was Ringo since he looked a bit like him with the nose and 60’s haircut.

But not only the Beatles music and a sad Ringo Starr draw me to that film I guess, ’cause it’s never a coincidence and that surely a LITTLE more that just a cute Beatles hang out movie. The sense of freedom that it was bringing I think was the main point that the little don’t-know-myself-yet girl could feel in it and relate to. No one knows though what comes first, either my conciousness knew me already or it was brought up by the movie in my conciousness. I think a little bit of both.

The whole film I think defined the way I create my stuff – rock-n-roll but in a movie.

Anyway “A hard day’s night” was my favorite, and the things you grow up with, the music that plays during that time, the films you see during your childhood become your favorites or at least you like them for the rest of your life.

What about you? Do you remember your first film ever?


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