La dolce vita and other inconveniences

Just realized, when your job and lifestyle is writing and pretty hard to come to your blog and write again. You’re already full of writing and more like wanna be foolish and post some pics, no serious themes discussions, like the sense of life or destiny of the Universe, you just wanna hang out with a bottle of beer talking crap in a naughtiest way possible and don’t feel embarrassed for it. Most of the time I’m trying to squeeze out some philosophy out of my already squeezed brain but it only wants to curse loudly and dance on a bar counter. Or maybe it’s just what it wants to do in that very moment as I’m having that pretty disturbing runny nose, ugh… Tried to calm my soul down with a some daytime cappuccino, tres bien! In cases of runny nose or any other crappy sickness I just try to hold my breath and count to 3 or 5 days till that crap will get out of me. My room is full of different bottles of medicine, pills and whatever, it looks pretty scary I’d say, I’m ok with it of course, I think I’m ok with mess in general plus you get used to it and stop noticing it after some time and only realize that it’s there and looks scary by the faces of some person who got a chance to see it. Not sure you can blame all this mess around on being an artist. Anyway, take care while I’m going to survive.


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2 Responses to La dolce vita and other inconveniences

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Hard to write anything, especially philosophy when ill. Hot juice drinks and vitamin c is what I use to kill colds and flu.

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