Crap versus cool stuff – the secret algorithm of blogging

Seriously, I’ve been having this blog for maybe two months, so I’m kinda still new to here, but still kinda not getting if this thing even have any algorithm or logic to it. You write for an hour getting deep into your thoughts and emotions, getting serious and concentrated, trying to really create something useful and interesting, something responsive that will be true to yourself and important for others, you feel like open up, talking deep out of your soul. You wrote it, you feel really good about it, oh no, even more, you’re proud of it! And so you post it. Aaaaaand….. nothing happens! It gets 10 views for the whole day, a couple of likes and a big ‘meh’ from deep out of your soul. You almost hear those quirky sarcastic laughs inside of your head.

But then it’s 3 am, you idiotically stare at the screen of your computer, not being able to make those three steps from your desk to your bed, you feel sleepy and stupid, you go to your blog page trying to find what else to do before truly passing out in front of your computer and voilà! Without much thought you post some stupid crap on your so much beloved page, some picture, photo that didn’t seem to deserve its own place in your holiest of the holiest, or just a couple of dimly found thoughts inside of empty sleeping conciousness and what do you think? It gets like 40-50 views in several seconds! So will somebody tell me what the fuck is going on??? Pardon my French, ’cause I can’t tell myself.


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Filmmaker on the road
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