Self-overdose and portraits on the walls

I think to put a huge portraits of yourself on the wall is bullshit. You know how those models (say how they’re shown in movies, since my knowledge on life matters comes mostly from there) have those huge parts of their bodies or portraits on the walls of whatever space they live in. Ok, parts of the body I can accept, a huge close up of one’s pussy for example, but portraits of oneselves make me wanna puke. I mean it supposed to be art or that sort of thing but that’s really just bullshit. Can’t imagine putting a huge portrait of myself in my living room or bedroom and seeing myself everyday there, I think that would make me wanna throw up from a single glance at myself till the rest of my life. Jesus, I don’t know where to hide from myself without a single picture of me around, isn’t mirror painful enough? Don’t we have a self-overdose of oneselves every second of our lives without those huge pseudo artistic portraits on the walls? I mean they maybe artistic or even pure genius but putting it on your own fucking wall makes it… Well, unless you really masturbate on yourself, I mean literally, than its sexual thing and kinda sexy and makes you kinda authentic surely, I mean than I get it. But in all other cases…, I mean how narcissistic should you really be to put a portrait of yourself on your own wall and not to puke from it after three days?

Just thought I should put the very artistic picture of a piece of my own self here.

P.S. I found it’s not that easy to take a picture of the back of your foot and to look through the lens to take it standing at your other foot at the same time.


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