Half way through the year of 2012. Are you where you wanted to be?

Half way through the year of 2012. 182 days before it and 182 days after it. And since my birthday is not far before New Year’s this question goes and for my own personal year as well. Am I where I wanted to be?

Well, not exactly, to say the least. In my perfect predictions I was already supposed to be half way through the filming of my movie with my head deep into work, stress, lack of sleep and an unbearable pleasure of doing the finest thing you’ve got for yourself to do on this planet.

So, where am I instead? First of all, sitting thousands physical miles away from where the action should take place, got literally nothing physical prepared for it to take place, got no actors, no workers, no people interested in it to take place except me myself. Though good to find me myself still in the category of interested.

Ok, now what the hell I was doing the whole 182 after the New Year’s instead of doing what I should be doing? Hmmm, I was rereading the script from time to time, rewriting word “film” for the word “movie” in the dialogues of characters and the other way around, I wrote some other different words and sentences on white pieces of paper lying all around the room that I’ll never read again. And why would I clean this up after all? Let it lay there making a rather impressive entourage of a busy writer.

I got a subscription to the gym. So, now I have some press done though no one including me can see it under the layer of fat it is under. Well, it’s not that bad actually, but I can’t tell you I have a nice press, can I? It will stand out of the convey of the story.

I enriched my knowledge of cinema by rewatching Critters, Critters 2, Critters 3 and Critters 4, half of the seasons of Charmed, five I think, right till the episode where they actually kill Balthazar. And in that desire of continuing to watch Julian McMahon I’ve also seen all the series of Nip/Tuck that I hadn’t watched before though.

And of course I’ve also started this Blog, in which I even post something from time to time with a month breaks since I’m a very busy writer and director, get a lot done in my life and supposedly don’t have time for blogging among other important stuff that I write and that lies all over the room.

And the most important, of course, among other pleasures, I’ve got a gorgeous boyfriend with a nice big penis that makes me scream every night till I faint in my own bed. Who needs porn anyway?

So, am I where I wanted to be? Hmmm, let me think. I’m a gorgeous woman, with a great deal of talent, explosive temper and a genius screenplay on my hands… And I have 182 days to go to make it sound even sexier this year.

Now, coffee and masturbation I guess.


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