Me on “how the hell you make it”

When I was in film school, from the very beginning we’ve been told that in order to begin it and to make it you need connections and in order to make connections you have to mingle. I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of mingling with people at the first place, don’t like to spend my energy that I could use towards my art. Really with how many people you have to mingle to find at least one that could be more or less useful for you, for your art or for anything at all. You’re happy to find a few through the whole life.

We’ve been told that people that we’ll meet in film school are people we gonna work and try to start our careers all together. I’d rather die that would work with any of those people. I don’t know about your schools but mine was mostly full of rather disillusional species not only about their abilities but about anything, I’m not even talking about any form of art there. Teachers too by the way. But that will be a separate chapter I think. So I mean not the kind of mingle that could do any good.

Though I tried it at first and as you already understood I didn’t like that much what I’ve found. But as from most of the things in our lives I’ve carried something out of it.

First of all you don’t need people to start you filmmaking career, at least people are not exactly what you need, in order to make it you need TALENT and MONEY. And that’s basically it. If you don’t have talent nothing can help you. As for money, well just mingling won’t help you either, and what can help you isn’t really called mingling, I would call it getting to the right person in the right time and say the right words. But it got nothing to do with talking with a bunch of dreamers majority of which overestimate their abilities in pursuing their dreams. Besides a dreamer and an artist are two rather different things.

So in fact you don’t need to connect, you don’t need to share, you don’t need to spend your time in useless talks, you just need to get to the right people in the right time and that’s not something that is reached by mingling, that’s something reached by strict, exact and disciplined plan.

And those who mingle will continue to mingle, maybe they can put together a fun party after all.


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