How the hell do you make it in the film. Filmmaker on the road.

First of all I’m originally Russian but spent many years in Los Angeles, so nevermind my English language mistakes, I do what I can, it doesn’t effect the quality of the information though.

So here is the deal. Through the years of being a filmmaker I found out that there is almost impossible to find out just the right information on how you actually put it together or how you actually make it. I mean, okay, I did a film school, I supposedly know how to make a movie, I have freaking talent, I have a great script, so now what? Okay, I need money. Where do I get an investor? How do I approach them? What I tell, what I don’t tell? How do I find a star for my film? Okay, I found an investor, how do I write a contract? Do I write a contract? All these stuff, what works, what doesn’t work?

I mean they’ll tell you everything in those blogs, books, articles, seminars etc., except the very essential thing that really matters, some detail that may not seem essential for the professionals but could be the put-it-together moment for you or for me. All this information is mostly the same, too general, misses out the details and most of the time too professional to the point that you can’t use it or even understand it. Which I think leads to those filmmaker struggles of looking for an answer (it least it did for me) that could actually be avoided.

Most of film answers are either too professional written by professionals for professionals so you have to be already somewhere, or something or already know something to even be able to use it. Most of such answers miss thousands of tiny details that actually for those who make their first, tenth or hundreds steps on their filmmaking road are the most essential information on how you make it, how you begin to make it, how you at least enter the space where you’re making it. So here I’ll try produce some answers for those questions for tiny details that were important for me when I was figuring out those ways myself and for which I couldn’t find a proper answers whatsoever or it took me some time to get to them.

I’m still on my way of making it “filmmaker on the road” how I call it, so I’ll also keep on learning things along the way and sharing them with you. For now I share what I’ve got for you so far.

And… “There isn’t an answer on how you make it, each case is different!” – f* that!

Next time will tell you more about myself, so you would know who the hell you’re dealing with here.

Yours Truly



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Filmmaker on the road
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