On sacrifying everything for filmmaking and doors to Paradise

I remember one morning we were going to the shoot somewhere in Marina Del Rey, me and a guy from the crew. While getting through the morning traffic we had a conversation. He was also a foreigner and we were talking about LA life and what it takes to actually follow a filmmaking path and try to take your voice out there. We all sometimes come to the moment of contemplating our life decisions and I guess that was one of his. So he said something like: “All that life here and what I have to sacrify for it and what I will have to sacrify for it, I’m just not sure that it’s worth it.” Meaning of course life of a filmmaker and everything that goes it’s way.

That wasn’t actually the only one of such conversations I heard in LA.

My thought was what is there to sacrifice? Is there actually anything you sacrifice for THE life of filmmaker for a filmmaker? Childhood friends, university friends, parties, family, future children, relationships, sex life, your youth? Normal life? Nice car? Boring job? Being like everyone else? I mean, what is there to sacrifice? If you’re filmmaker you’re nothing without your art, you are filmmaking, filmmaking is your real life, you’re nothing without it. It’s not a sacrifice it’s a blessing. It’s a hand of God on your shoulder. It opens doors to Paradise. It doesn’t make you sacrify anything, it saves your life, it saves your existence, it gives you to yourself. By thinking that you’re sacrifying something you’re comparing yourself to someone who’s not a filmmaker, which is understandable since most of people aren’t, but there is nothing in a life of non-filmmakers that is worth more than filmmaking to a filmmaker. People lead the life they lead, do what they do because they can’t do what filmmaker can. But who knows what their life would look like if they were the ones with the keys to Paradise…


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