Rock-M-Roll, here I mix High and low

Once upon a time in a cold Russia there was a filthy rebellion witha sense of beauty who dreamed to come to the Wild West, Hollywood as they call it, to make her dream of shooting a movie possible. This is a story about a one silly director who set himself on a courageous journey and nothing gonna stop her. So first of all some silly shit happens to me all the time so you gonna see enough of that I think besides the real stuff, how they call it. As I’m on my way to making a movie, I’m gonna tell you about steps I take, I took and what is more important steps and things that influenced me the most. I’m gonna tell silly stories, put on weird and not really pictures and fuck your brains from time to time with some philosophy. Welcome to Berdseyeview!

About me in short: I, recognition, creation, will, power, art, fame, spirit, lust, work, curiosity, anger, freedom, desire, thought, pragmatism, rebellion, mess, nature

“If I dont tell you what you wanna hear what are you gonna do?Throw me in jail?Im already there,you stupid pigfucker.What else you got to threaten me with?Death?Id like to see you fuckin try.I haven’t met one motherfucker here who’s shown me a shit!”

“poetry can’t be translated into prose, that’s why it is poetry”


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